Complaint Submission

The College of Alberta Denturists, as the regulatory body for the profession of denturists in Alberta, is responsible for dealing with complaints made against our regulated members and some former regulated members.

The Health Professions Act has a very well defined complaint resolution process and the College’s Complaints Director is the individual who is responsible for dealing with complaints.

In order for a complaint to be accepted, it must meet the following criteria. Complaints must:

  1. Be in writing;
  2. Indicate the regulated member or former regulated member’s name;
  3. Indicate that it is a complaint and the issue/reason for the complaint;
  4. Be signed by the complainant; and 
  5. Contain contact information for the complainant.

Where do I send the complaint?

A complaint letter or complaint form can be either hand delivered, couriered, or mailed to the College at:

College of Alberta Denturists
Attn: Complaints Director
Suite 405, 10408-124 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5N 1R5

Fax: 780.429.2336