Registration Requirements

According to the Health Professions Act (Section 46) registration is mandatory for those who wish to practice denturism in Alberta.

Section 33(3) of the Health Professions Act stipulates the information that a regulated member is required to provide to the College and what information must be in the register at the College.

Required information:

  1. The full name of the member
  2. The member's unique registration number
  3. Whether the member's registration is restricted to a period of time and if so, the period of time
  4. Any conditions imposed on the member's practice permit
  5. The status of the member's practice permit, including whether it is suspended or cancelled
  6. The member's practice specialization recognized by the college
  7. Whether the member is authorized to provide a restricted activity not normally provided by regulated members of the college
  8. Whether the member is not authorized to provide a restricted activity that is normally provided by regulated members of the college
  9. Information described in section 119(1)

Further, the Denturists Profession Regulation (Article 28) indicates information that may also be required:

  1. Home and business mail address, phone number, email address and fax number
  2. A passport-type photograph
  3. Year of registration
  4. Degrees and other qualifications, including specialization
  5. School of graduation
  6. Year of graduation
  7. Date of birth and gender
  8. Date of retirement

Correcting Information

The College requires that members provide amendments to the aforementioned required information in a timely fashion.

The College has forms available for submission to the College to provide the amended information.