Continuing Competency FAQ

What is the purpose of continuing competency?

To ensure that all Health Professionals continue to maintain knowledge in their field, expose themselves to new techniques and materials, and to address any personal shortcomings.

Are all courses eligible for credit hours?

No. Some courses are not acceptable by the College's rules and additionally, some categories of courses have restrictions on the number of hours which a member can accumulate in a five-year reporting period. For example, you may only observe eight hours of dental surgical procedures in a five-year reporting period.

Can I carry forward any hours beyond the required 100 hours?

No. There is no provision for carry forward of extra hours.

Can I backdate any hours if I am short hours?

No. This is not allowed.

When do I have to report completed courses to the College?

The College issues the regulated members an Annual Continuing Competency Reporting Form with the renewal package in early fall of each year. Members must provide this completed form and attach substantiating documentation for each identified course to the College before December 31st of each year.

If I go to a course in another province or out of Canada, will it be accredited?

If the course meets with the requirements for accreditation, then yes. Either verify if the course is already accredited by the College and if it is not, obtain pre-accreditation of the course.

If I have taken a course but don't have any documentation to indicate I completed it, will I get credit for the course?

No. You are required by the rules to provide substantiating documentation for each course.

If I write an article for the College's newsletter (or other denturist publication), will I get credit hours?

Yes if it pertains to the practice of denturism. The article must be submitted to the College for assessment and determination of hours as per the rules.

If I take a course that isn't related to the profession, can I get credit hours?

The rules provide for a maximum of 10 hours in a five-year reporting period for personal development courses. As long as you have not exceeded the 10 hours, you will receive credit as long as there is substantiating documentation provided.

How do I know how many hours I have accumulated?

Every spring, the College issues an annual confirmation report of accredited hours to regulated members. If you need to know your total hour's level before receiving the annual report, please call the College office at (780) 429-2330, or Toll Free: 1-800-260-2742.

What if I submitted a course and it wasn't accredited?

If the annual confirmation report of accredited hours does not reflect credit for all of the submitted courses, review the category of the courses first to ensure that you haven't reached the maximum number of hours allowed for that category. If there remains an issue, there is provision in the Rules for an appeal. See Continuing Competency Rules.