Your Collected Information

In the fall of 2010, the Alberta Government passed amendments to the Health Information Act ("HIA").

Prior to this Act and since 2004, Denturists were required to have patients provide a signed consent pursuant to the Personal Information and Privacy Act ("PIPA"), in order to collect and use health information of an individual.

HIA stipulates requirements for collection, use and disclosure of an individuals personally identifying health information. With the 2010 amendments, the denturist profession was incorporated into the professions to which the Act applies; our regulated members are what are deemed as "custodians" in the Act.

HIA provides the authority for regulated members (or affiliates), to collect, use and disclose an individual's health information, which is essential to carry out the purposes for which the information was collected. In other words, they can obtain your health information in order to provide you with proper, safe denturist services.