How to Apply for Reinstatement as a Regulated Member

It is your responsibility to read, review and ensure that all required documents are completed and all applicable fees remitted.

The registration form and supporting documentation will be received electronically and you will be advised via email when your application has been approved.  Please be advised that until approved by the Registrar and a practice permit has been issued you cannot practice as a denturist in Alberta.

To reinstate as a regulated member:

- please contact the College at 780.429.2330; toll free at 1.844.380.1711. or via email

- Once you have spoken with the College, and been permitted to proceed with the online process, your profile has been reactivated.

  • In the member homepage, click on member actions - reinstatement of application
  • Please check and update your profile information as applicable
  • Please note that this is a legal document and as such you are required by law to provide truthful and complete response to all requested information, both personal and business.
  • Please provide the response N/A if not applicable.
  • If you own or work at more than one clinic please click on the icon and complete the information required.
  • To enter hours you are normally at the clinic location, please enter as follows:
    Example:  Monday - 8:30 - 4:30
  • All numbered questions or items marked with an asterisk must be completed in order for you to continue to the next page.
  • Please note the entry for any date is as follows:  Month/Day/Year

- If using a credit card for payment, please ensure that the name provided is the name as it appears on the credit card and the billing address of the card holder is required for the payment to be processed.

- The following information should be printed, completed, scanned and uploaded as requested:

  • Passport-type photo (please update, if available)
  • Current CPR certificate
  • Current (within the immediately previous six months) Criminal Record Check with Category A Vulnerable Sector Search
  • Two Character Declaration forms
  • Registration Declarations form

- Please be advised that the College retains the right to require you to demonstrate proficiency in English, if necessary (Pursuant to Section 8.1(1) of the Denturists Profession Regulation)

- Once you are in your Member Profile check for your Continuing Competency record under the CC Record Tab.  Make sure that all courses you have taken two years prior and the current year have been entered.   Enter each course individually.  Once your application has been approved you are required to retain the proof of attendance documents for the period of your five year reporting cycle.