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March 3, 2017

Further to an email sent out to all members in August of 2016 regarding E-Workplace training regarding WHIMIS.

After receiving another round of concerns, we have asked our government counterpart to review this issue.  The Government has released a bulletin to address this issue.

We understand that E-workplace is back at making calls and telling you MUST take the courses – this remains NOT TRUE.


Carol Stewart, Registrar

February 23, 2017

Recently one of our Denturists had an Alberta Health Inspection completed in their Clinic which turned out to be quite educational.

The approach the Inspector took was to evaluate Infection Prevention & Control (IPC); Policy & Procedures; Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) to name a few.

This Denturist has graciously agreed to share this information with all Denturists in Alberta to ensure that they too are aware of Recommendations for their Clinic.

 Please click on link for information  Alberta Health Services


Carol Stewart, Registrar

February 6, 2017  Important Notice

Council is pleased to highlight: The newest Insurance Coverage - Disciplinary Action Legal Expense Coverage 

Please click on the link to view what this coverage entails.    Disciplinary Action Legal Expense

Should you have any questions please call Elaine at 780-467-6916 at McDougall Insurance and Financial Services Inc./The Co-Operators.

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